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Brown Bridge Dam Gone

February 05, 2013 by Conservation Resource Alliance
The beautiful Boardman River in northwest Michigan, a renowned Blue Ribbon Trout Stream, is a step closer to running free. The first of three historic hydro-electric dams was successfully removed in 2012 opening miles of cold-water stream and setting the stage for the next steps of the largest dam removal initiative onĀ  any watershed in the history of the Great Lakes basin. De-construction of Brown Bridge Dam began in August, culminating nearly a decade of community input and decision making that will eventually liberate the beloved Boardman River after over 100 years of man-made barriers altering the natural flow. An Implementation Team representing all major stake-holders and led by project manager, Conservation Resource Alliance, navigated the highly complex process leading to the removal of the Brown Bridge Dam. Restoration and monitoring will continue in collaboration with a Prosperity Team that is dedicated to promoting the watershed as one of the... Read More