Winter 2017 Grant Announcement


The Conservation Alliance is pleased to fund the following organizations to support their efforts to protect wild lands and waterways for their habitat and recreation values. These grants are made possible more than 200 outdoor businesses who care passionately about protecting wild places for future generations. Each of these businesses is a member of The Conservation Alliance, and plays a critical role in determining which organizations receive funding. Thank you to all of our members for protecting wild places across North America. Download the Winter 2017 Grant Announcement here.

Trip Report: Four Things We Learned in Washington, DC


The Conservation Alliance led a strong delegation of outdoor industry leaders to Washington, DC earlier this month. The goal was to learn about conservation policy and the current political lay-of-the-land, and to demonstrate business support for conservation on public lands. Our group included 40 representatives from member companies, and leaders from organizations that represent outdoor recreation user groups.

The trip started with a full day of training on conservation policy, hosted by our friends at the Pew Charitable Trusts. To start the day, speakers provided information on the politics of conservation with the new Congress and the Trump Administration, making clear that we face new challenges that threaten our public lands. Throughout the day, we learned about new threats to our public lands, and then heard from specific stakeholder groups – sportsmen, conservation groups, outdoor recreationists – about how they will address those threats. We ended the training day by focusing on opportunities to make conservation gains through Wilderness legislation, agency management planning, and the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

We drew a few key conclusions from the training day:

  • Congress has not changed dramatically, but we no longer have a strong conservationist in the White House to serve as a backstop to Congress’ worst ideas. As a result, we will need to focus more of our energy on stopping legislation in Congress that would undermine our public lands and the laws that govern them.
  • We still have strong conservation friends in Congress. Our friends in Congress remain committed to protecting and defending our public lands. Members of Congress have already introduced – or will soon introduce – legislation to protect lands in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, and Alaska.
  • The current political climate is galvanizing our allies. There is nothing like a crisis to bring people together to find solutions and work toward common goals. We have already deepened our coalition with friends in the outdoor recreation community, and are talking more regularly with groups that represent the hunter/angler community. We all love our public lands, and will work together to protect them.
  • We need to be ready to respond quickly to threats. More than ever, our industry needs to be able to rapidly respond to threats to our wild places. Understanding public lands policy is crucial to that response. The Conservation Alliance will do all we can to prepare our members to be knowledgeable on these issues, and to respond when threats arise.

After the training day, we divided our large group into smaller teams, and hit Capitol Hill for meetings with appropriate members of Congress. Together, our seven teams met with 29 different offices, and delivered the message that protected public lands are crucial to the growing outdoor recreation economy. From our meetings, it is clear that our greater outdoor community is finding its voice, and decision makers are listening. We will continue to push this message, in Washington, and on the local level.

We are grateful to our friends at Outdoor Alliance and Outdoor Industry Association for partnering with us on this recent trip to DC. It is important that our community show up and speak to lawmakers about issues that impact us. We organize this trip every year. If you are interested in participating in 2018 please let us know!

Annual Report: 2016 Year in Review

Denali Sunset, AK Photo: Colby Coombs

We are proud that The Conservation Alliance continues to grow as the outdoor industry further recognizes the importance of protecting wild places for their habitat and recreation values. In 2016, we contributed an all-time high $1.61 million to 43 conservation organizations. That means that our 200 member companies pulled together like never before to fund the most effective conservation projects in North America. Our primary function remains. We collect annual membership dues from outdoor industry companies, and grant 100 percent of those dues to organizations working to protect specific wild lands and waterways throughout North America. When appropriate, we supplement those grants by facilitating opportunities for our member companies and their employees to become more involved in our grantees’ campaigns. Here are the highlights from 2016:

  • We contributed $1,610,000 to 43 organizations working to protect and restore North America’s wild places.
  • Our grantees delivered 14 important conservation victories that: protected 5,427,708 acres of land and 19 river miles; halted one dam; acquired one climbing area, and halted one oil pipeline.
  • We added 19 new members.
  • We added $50,000 to The Conservation Alliance Legacy Fund, an endowment that provides a permanent source of operational funding for the Alliance. And we withdrew $150,000 from the Legacy Fund to help cover our operating budget.
  • We launched our Leading Edge program, which gives individuals the opportunity to make significant contributions to The Conservation Alliance.
  • Through our advocacy program, we engaged our members in efforts to secure new national monument designations throughout the US.
  • We organized seven Backyard Collective events, on-the-ground stewardship projects designed to give employees of our member companies the opportunity to volunteer for our grantees.
  • We organized seven Wild Drinks events, bringing together grantees and member company employees in a happy hour setting.
  • We developed a new three-year strategic plan to guide our work through 2019.

It is our honor to serve as a connecting point between the outdoor industry and the conservation community. We look forward to another exciting year in 2017.

View or Download The Conservation Alliance 2016 Annual Report

Public Lands Defense Fund: Making Grants to Preserve and Defend Our Public Lands System

Photo Credit Tim Peterson

Our Public Lands Defense Fund supports organizations working to preserve and defend the integrity of our public lands system. We will fund efforts to:

  1. Defend our bedrock conservation laws (E.g., Wilderness Act, Antiquities Act, National Environmental Policy Act);
  2. Defend previous presidents’ National Monument designations; and
  3. Oppose the proposed transfer of federal lands to the states or to private hands.

Our goal is to support organizations that are strategically confronting efforts that would diminish our public lands system.

We launched the Public Lands Defense Fund in January, 2017 with initial commitments from founding member companies Patagonia and The North Face. Together, these two companies pledged $100,000 annually for each of the next four years. Though we accept contributions to the fund from any company or individual interested in preserving our public lands, all contributions are incremental to a company’s annual membership dues. As with Conservation Alliance membership dues, we will give 100 percent of contributions to the Public Lands Defense Fund directly to conservation organizations.

Public Lands Defense Fund grants will be administered solely by The Conservation Alliance Board of Directors. We will not include these requests in our membership ballot process.  The Conservation Alliance will make discretionary grants as needed to support urgent efforts. Organizations should contact The Conservation Alliance directly to discuss time-sensitive needs.

Organizations that receive funding through our regular grant program may apply concurrently to the Public Lands Defense Fund, and are eligible to receive more than one grant in a 12-month period.

Shortly after the November 2016 elections, The Conservation Alliance board and staff met to develop a strategy for our conservation efforts in a new and challenging political landscape. Together, we determined that our public lands are now threatened by political leaders who want to undermine protections for those lands, or sell them off entirely. We made two significant decisions to address these threats. First, we committed to hiring new staff to focus on conservation advocacy. That person will train our member companies and their employees about public lands, and engage them in meaningful efforts to protect and defend those lands. The board also decided to establish a new Public Lands Defense Fund whose purpose is to support organizations working to preserve and defend the integrity of our public lands system.

For the past 27 years, The Conservation Alliance has funded efforts to secure new protections for lands and waters throughout North America. These proactive campaigns have always sought to add “green spots” to the map by: securing new Wilderness and national monument designations; expanding National Parks; designating new Wild & Scenic Rivers; purchasing private lands for their recreation and habitat values; and designating new marine reserves. We have always directed our funds toward protecting wild places. We have established our Public Lands Defense Fund to defend them as well.

We take our position at the intersection of the business and conservation communities seriously. Now more than ever, it is important that we stand together to preserve and defend our public lands. We look forward to working with our partners in the outdoor industry and the conservation community to save our last wild places, and preserve the system that keeps them wild.

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