Ads for the Earth Auction



Here is an opportunity that businesses do not want to miss out on.  May 4-8, NEXT WEEK, The Conservation Alliance is hosting the Ads for the Earth Auction.  This is an opportunity to purchase ad space while simultaneously making a donation to The Conservation Alliance.  Ten publications have generously donated a full-page, four-color ad and 100% of the proceeds go directly to The Conservation Alliance's grant fund. 

Starting Monday morning, May 4, we will auction off those ads in an online auction at All proceeds will go directly into our grant fund to support conservation projects throughout North America. You can log on and register now so that you are ready to start bidding first thing.  Bids start at 30 percent of full net value and winning bidders may use the ad space in any issue of the publication through May, 2010.

The Conservation Alliance is grateful to Alpinist, Backcountry, Backpacker, Men's Journal, National Geographic Adventure, Outside, Paddler, Telemark Skier, Sierra, and Wend for donating space to the auction and helping us increase our funding capacity.  Click here for additional details.

Report lists worst, best cities for air quality

I remember how shocked I was at the amount of air pollution there was when I first visited Kathmandu, Nepal, and I never quite got over having to wear a mask.  Check out this article below that lists the best and worst cities for air pollution…

Published April 29, 2009 02:53 PM 

Sixty percent of Americans live in areas with unhealthy air pollution levels, despite a growing green movement and more stringent laws aimed at improving air quality, the American Lung Association said in a report released Wednesday that also listed the healthiest and unhealthiest cities across the U.S. in terms of air quality.

Click HERE to read full article 


Toilet Paper and Other Moral Choices

  As Nexters, I assume that with Earth Day only a few days away you already have grand plans of how you are going to make a difference in your community – I will be with my co-workers helping Save The Bay restore some wetlands near my office.  But for those of you who may be (or may know) less-than-earth-conscious people (like my sister, who I will not name, but you know who you are) here are some simple & low cost ways you can help out the planet provided by the editors of The New York Times.


When Sheryl Crow said that people should use only one sheet of toilet paper, she was lampooned by everyone from Rush Limbaugh to Jon Stewart.

More recently, the issue of toilet paper has become less of a joke (except when celebrities express an opinion) and more of a cause: since the fluffy kind cannot be made from recycled paper, conservationists argue, consumers can do their part to protect the environment by buying the rougher stuff. There are skeptics who say the benefits of such a switch are overstated.  

But looking beyond the choice of toilet paper, what are the simplest – or the biggest bang for the lowest cost – changes that Americans can adopt that would make an environmental difference?

CLICK HERE to learn more earth saving habits!

Rogue River Dam Removal to Start Next Week


WaterWatch announces that removal of the Savage Rapids Dam on Oregon's Rogue River will commence next week. The 39-foot irrigation diversion dam is considered the greatest fish killer on the Rogue, a river renowned for its fishing and whitewater rafting. The dam removal process takes time, but Savage Rapids should be completely removed by the end of 2009. Once this effort is complete, the lower 153 miles of the Rogue will be dam-free.

Click here to view the complete announcement from WaterWatch.

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